Victoria Hanchin

Victoriai H

Victoria Hanchin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Holistic Psychotherapist, and author. Her writings serve as a bridge to connect ancient wisdom and modern science.

Victoria’s work with several Indigenous Elders led to a surprise. Mayan Elders confirmed that the three converging rivers of the modern city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she lives, are connected to an ancient Mayan prophecy. This prophecy tells of humanity’s promised return to a state of unity and Oneness.

After receiving that revelation, Victoria began having magical encounters with the sacred living consciousness of Mother Earth that the Ancients have always known. The power of these experiences compelled her to write a book, The Seer and the Sayer: Revelations of the New Earth. (Her book is available on )This is the story of her two-year spiritual adventure, during which she discovers first-hand what it means to live in oneness with all of Life. As Victoria finds her unique puzzle piece to contribute to this beautiful New Earth future, her story shows you how to discover your own unique contribution.

The adventure continues. Victoria hopes you will join her.

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