Sheryl Blumenthal

Sheryl B

Sheryl Blumenthal is a true channel and instrument for the I AM. This child’s presence allows the loving grace from on highto support changes on a cellular level, as the light and word pouring through allows suffering and pain within a soul to become less tragic and more in alignment with the true divine being the divine sees each of us as.  Sheryl as a universal teacher, is a healer and author who mirrors the pure teachings that heaven has for each of us.

Sheryl has studied in England, Japan and the US for many years. She serves as a board of directors on many panels, has spoken at the UN and is hosted on radio and talk shows. Referred to through the I AM as “Little One“, this child is a messenger.

Sheryl presents workshops and programs regularly, assisting people both individually and collectively. Her book, “Heaven’s Doorway” and CD’s: “Humanity’s Doorway” and “Love One Another“, support all who hear and read them, as they remind each of us to remember Who We Truly Are, as seen in full awareness through the eyes of heaven.

In nearly each past channeling given through Little ONE, the greater calling is the need for our love to support the awarenesses within our ‘new children’. They are here, now, and have been foretold of for centuries. Over years, channeled teachings unveil a new world, one in which: “The heart is the way.”  These young beings bring love and a greater commitment to heaven’s plan for a world of peace and compassion; one where true love and the real understanding of the words, “On earth as in Heaven…”, are lived by them.  It is our responsibility to oversee and nurture these young wisdom teachers into their fullest enlightened wonders. We serve them, as we love….   They need for us to be aware of their presence, while trying to ascend within the future of this world ourselves. They come to heal us, and our pasts, and the memories of our hells.  They are such pure physical kindness that we don’t realize their truths. Sheryl can help this. She, too, is here to see this time of planetary change come to fruition and pure good.

A new book released shortly, “Watch the Changes in Our Skies; Watch the Changes in Our Animals” is pivotal, for as mankind evolves within the human condition, there is a great need for our conscious choices to evolve in step. Our animals play a vital role in this: for after channeling 25 years, Sheryl has become certain that this work must be shared to enhance man’s evolution, as the stewards of love and light we truly are on our planet. Through her rare gifts, a voice is given to our animals’ souls, a greater understanding shared with our fellow man, and an evolutionary building of a more awakened mankind to our world. Interconnectedness among all beings within all paradigms and with the true understanding that heaven has of oneness, commits each of us to a stronger foundation within ourselves, as we see the reflection of our love and that of heaven’s for each of us, both fur and otherwise.

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