Melina Caprino

Melina Caprino

Melina Caprino is founder of One Body Won Life, an organization that specializes in
offering clients individualized plant-based diets, holistic alternatives, energizing
movement therapies, and supportive maintenance programs.

Melina is a board certified holistic practitioner through the American Association of
Drugless Practitioners; received her certification as health coach from The Institute for
Integrative Nutrition; was certified by the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute as
natural health care specialist, and recently earned the status of health minister from
Hallelujah Acres.

Prior to her entry into the growing field of integrative nutrition, Melina was a chef, Executive Manager and restaurant owner. She also served as a patient/family liaison for a healthcare organization where she coordinated special events for patients and
administrators, as well as training new employees in dealing with families in crisis. When Melina came face-to-face with her own dire health crisis, life as she knew it stopped and her battle against an aggressive cancer began. It was during this fight that Melina discovered how to treat her body and she won, not only a healthy body, but a healthy life.

Melina continues to live an active lifestyle, competing in life-affirming events such as a 100 mile bike ride to bring awareness Muscular Dystrophy; finishing first in age group in the Rachel Carson Challenge; and training athletes and teaching others how to honor their one body and win at life.

To learn more, please visit our website or visit our blog

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