Happiness: Visitor or Constant Companion?


Where is your anchor?  Why can some touch you for only a moment?  Why do others receive your scent in the span of a blink?  You are a legend, a brilliant source of nutrients for the mind and soul.  You seep into our chambers.  You ignite and empower new energy in our bodies.  You open the window, allowing one to see new dreams across the landscape. Happiness, we crave you!  We desire your heart for more than a visitation.  We need sustainable presence.  Your absence is an invitation for intruders to fill your space.  Claim your space.  Those who know you, refuse to let you become a stranger.  So inspire our words, that other others will learn and discover you as a nutrient, a constant companion, a song in the heart, that allows us to dance and sing during our earthly journey. – – by Sheldon

I’ve discovered so much about the depth of unhappiness in the lives of so many people over the years.  What I’ve learned is magnified as a holistic health coach when  investigating what’s going on in the lives of my clients.  I often ask, ‘are you happy’?

The most alarming belief among some, is that happiness is something like a gift, an occurrence that happens to land on one’s doorstep but not something they can create and manifest.  Actor Denzel Washington’s character in Equalizer, says to a young woman,  “create your own world”.  The woman has singing talent but she is a prostitute.  The message to her, you are not defined by nor confined to a dark circumstance in your life.

I often say that I live everyday like a vacation, meaning I have a variety of activities and lifestyle practices that bring happiness, calmness, clarity and empowerment.  And on those off days when happiness is interrupted, I still see through the ‘intruder’, knowing my happiness is well within reach.

When offering ways to capture happiness, I often share the power of self love with my clients, the ability to place supreme value on your mind & body, seek out those wonderful passions in life that bring joy; make them constant placements in life, not dreams.  It’s about claiming a measure of goodness that is ours,  to which we are entitled.

Happiness encompasses an enormous spectrum, defined in many ways for many people; too much for people to be without it.  However, many are living lives absent of happiness.  For those who experience it regularly, try engaging in an act of kindness to spread happiness to others so it flows like a cascade honey.

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